Call Notification

Description :
The Call Notification Alert System uses open protocols and flexible modular architecture in a user-centric, dependable mechanism that captures every call attempt during non-availability of a subscriber. The system auto-transmits missed call notifications to a subscriber using Short Message Service (SMS) when the subscriber becomes available. The system offers a comprehensive suite of call-capture services to landline and mobile subscribers. The service can be activated under the following conditions:

• Subscriber is busy
• Subscriber is switched off
• Subscriber is not reachable
• Subscriber has set unconditional call divert

The system notification includes date/time of the call, the number of attempted and missed calls. Notifications can be received through SMS, a web interface, or be retrieved by dialing a fixed PSTN number. Multiple call attempts by the same caller are collated and delivered in a single SMS notification (limited to 160 characters, beyond which, multiple SMS messages are delivered) to the subscriber. If a landline subscriber also possesses a mobile phone, the list of missed calls on landline phone can be diverted to the mobile phone as an SMS notification.


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