Caller Ring Back Tones
The Caller Ring Back Tones System (CRBT) from Matrix allows mobile user's with a new set of attractive ring tones that can be personalized for a given caller.

The CRBT system is built on Matrix MST101 Media processing exchange hardware and application servers from any leading server vendors, running Linux Operating System. The Caller Ring Back Tone system is highly saleable and modular, and tested for compatibility to inter-work with MSC from multiple vendors.

Ring back tones allow mobile subscribers to customize the idle call connection tone with music, and other forms of audio amusement. Callers to a subscriber phone hear the customized content (such as a favorite song of the called subscriber) until the call is answered. With the CRBT solution, service providers can offer their customers the facility of offering personalized ring back tones instead of the traditional beep tone.

Key Features and Functionalities :
Content Management
The content collection is handled using proven content management system that organizes the collection provided by one or more content providers. This ensures that royalty tracking is both streamlined and secure. The content can be bulk uploaded to the system, micro managed using administration web interface or uploaded to the system using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Billing Model :
The CRBT service can be completely integrated to an operators billing and/or premium SMS infrastructure. Users can be charged on a monthly subscription model or on a per configuration change model.

Royalty Tracking :
The system stores necessary information required for settling royalty payments to content providers based on a content usage model. Detailed statistics are collected on most popular content, sorted by date, artist, or content provider.

Content Provider Management :
Content can be owned by one or more providers. The system manages account details and privileges separately for each content provider. An account management interface facilitates addition, deletion and modifications to profile of each content provider including configuring their privileges. Flexible Configuration: A subscriber can start with a simple configuration covering all callers all the time and then gradually personalising it by creating groups of callers with specific content selections or configure playing of content based on the time of day. The content can be associated with individual subscribers or with group of subscribers through flexible configuration options.

Subscriber Provisioning :
Registration and de-registration of subscribers with the system can be done directly by a customer through a web interface to the system, by sending a predefined SMS to a service number or by calling up the customer care IVR center.

Customer Care :
The Customer Care interface provides a system administrator with access to subscriber provisioning date and subscriber configuration data through a web interface.

De-provisioning :
The system supports manual and automatic subscriber deprovisioning based on the duration of inactivity or due to lack of proper configuration.
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