Embedded Design Services
Matrix Semiconductors and Telecommunications Pvt. Ltd. has the abilities and the Manpower skill sets to bring in value for embedded or real-time embedding of applications (of any kind); protocol stacks either existing or fresh and can create features from start or in continuation from current technology incorporated at various levels.

The entire gamut of design services can be best explained in the format where services can be rendered in:
Hardware design engineering | Driver development | Protocol stacks integration or Fresh protocol stacks | Integration of connectivity standards | Real-time Operating system kernel core or enhancements on Kernel Core | Incorporating of Middle ware technologies either prevalent or New | Development of fresh applications or integration of Prevalent | Applications that are Multimedia, Mission critical or Purely functional | Development of GUI or Interfaces | Power Management and Booting | Trace, Debug | Verification and validation | Black Box testing or White Box testing | Code coverage and Test bench scripts | Hardware – software co verification | System performance | System sizing | System timing | Integration and system testing

The above will be achieved by using industry standard software tools and hardware tools that are easily available or exist in our infrastructure.
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