Growth and Vision
Matrix Semiconductors and Telecommunications Pvt. Ltd. has a deep set desire to ensure that there is corporate growth in the markets of operation and growth in mind share of the clients who patronize our services. We visualize ourselves to become a company that will facilitate various enterprises across the world in building competitive edge with a keen eye on the race against time.We wish to clearly permeate into focused areas of opportunities availed in focused business lines and develop core competencies that can help further our ideologies of corporate growth.

We would like to enjoy growth in specific markets in our first two years of operation. The markets will be the Americas, Taiwan, Japan and EU countries.

Our practices will revolve around the lines of what is incorporated in Multi-nationals giving the same benefits and values to clients albeit with the cost advantage built-in. We visualize ourselves as a company, which will reach IPO stages with-in the first three years of our operations. The corporation will have resident offices in all markets with technical support and consulting practices with the first two years. The company will also have Business partners and clients, which would be valued over time in the short and long run who continuously facilitate business growth and market potential. We expect our Businesses to be of repeat nature due to the quality of deliverable that our clients will enjoy.
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