Human Resources
Matrix Semiconductors and Telecommunications Pvt. Ltd. has implemented various best practices in human resources that would enable our team to harness internal and external energies to ensure that we are a successful enterprise. Our practices are industry standard and are continuously measured to provide remuneration that is tangible to the needs of the employees at all levels. Since there is a constant need to maintain perpetuity of business, we believe that the most satisfied catalysts of growth and customer satisfaction would be its internal clients.

Our vision plan is to grow the teams in a focused and effortless manner and ensure that they are least interrupted in the daily activities and functional assignments.

Our career plan for each employee is the best the industry can offer and so is the compensation plan. The need to maintain a standard of living that can facilitate business growth is very high on priority and that can be achieved only of we bring in value to our customers. The fixed and variable component of compensation plan covers Salaries, Provident fund , Gratuity, Health insurance, accident insurance, Housing, comfortable travel and stay, medical benefits and Leave travel and conveyance allowances. The variable components such as Incentives and bonuses are implemented to help build internal team competitiveness and enthusiasm, which is currently in place for the teams functional in all areas of the organization. The compensation also includes Employment stock options, which are performance linked to Equity holding. This would be further consolidated when our company becomes a publicly held company.

Matrix is a fun place to be as we also have a human face on ensuring that our emotional needs are taken care of as we grow professionally. Our plan covers exciting team building and mentoring exercises to enable and foster bonding at the intrinsic level. We are aware of the high attrition rates in the Manpower movement in the industry and we are proud to state that our attrition rates are the lowest for obvious reasons. Our employees are a satisfied lot. Do mingle with them and find out for yourself.
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