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Matrix is dedicated to building and delivering high quality Value Added Services (VAS) and Next Generation Networks (NGN) products' to its customers. The company is poised to deliver products in the fast growing revenue sectors of the Telecom industry - Value Added Services, SS7 /ISDN Signaling-based solutions and Next Generation Networks solutions (NGN).

The Company is leveraging on its expertise in product development and embedded application development skills to address the growing market in the Mobile VAS, SS7/ISDN signaling and NGN platforms. With technology as our prime mover, we strive to provide innovative solutions that make the difference. Our team has vast exposure to different telecommunication technologies and product development in communications systems. Our engineering team is well equipped to deliver innovative products to market, counter competition, reduce technology risk, and manage resources. Our R&D center helps accelerate the product development cycle while incorporating high quality at reduced costs. Our mission is to create innovative products and solutions that add value to our customer's business.

We design and build products with an aim of minimizing the investment risk for service providers. Our universal platform can co-exist with the current network infrastructure and is upgradeable so as to function with the next generation networks, a design through which we intend to offer platforms that will serve our customer's needs today and tomorrow. Our platform is designed in such a way that it can be used to implement a vast breed of 2G /3G VAS solutions for PSTN/Mobile/IP/Wireless networks.

Matrix has a team of high caliber technical and executive staff .The team brings in years of experience in developing, managing, marketing and selling telecom solutions.

Matrix's current product offering consists of SS7 Cards, Media processing exchange for GSM/CDMA and PSTN network.

Matrix's products are designed to comply with stringent carrier requirements. It supports redundancy with carrier class reliability and capability to handle huge network traffic. The system comprises of best of breed components with long life durability and serviceability.

Time to Market
• Easy and quick, provisioning new service (VAS) to customer
• No Interoperability Issues(Tested in multi vendor network environment)
• Thoroughly tested and proven solution

Return on Investment
• Lower TCO shortens investment return cycle
• Single USP Platform , multiple application and usage

Technical Benefits
• Highly scalable and stable platform with high performance
• Broader support for protocol stacks and industry standards
• Large applications support, and OS independent

Total cost of ownership and Investment Protection
• Lower solution acquisition cost
• Product designed to work with existing & Next Generation Networks

MST101-8 E1/T1 Interface Appliance
MST101 is a generic telecom computing platform, for Wire line and wireless (GSM/CDMA) networks. It works on a Powerful CPU & High-end DSP with Ethernet & E1 Interfaces. It has application independent software/firmware and is available in table top and other form factors.

Matrix's unique hardware platform efficiently manages incoming calls to handle value added services for PSTN/IP.

Platform Highlights :
• Simple cost effective innovative solution
• Built on proven PSTN/GSM/CDMA interface technology
• Supports 8 E1 connectivity towards network element
• Announcements played in IP domain through Ethernet port
• Supports ISUP on one/many signaling slots
• Configurable content and duration of announcements
• Online recording of custom announcements
• Standard compact 1U 19" rack (17" x 12" x 1.5")
Support to T1/E1 links 8 to 16
Interfaces IP and PSTN
Number of signaling channels 1 to 16
Scalability/ Dimensioning In steps to 8 or 16 (Max : 256 E1s)
Load handling 200,000 calls per hour per Unit
Vocoders GSM FR, ITU G.729, G.723, G.711
Upgrade path With IBM Blade center, STM1 (Open architecture)
Redundancy Supported
Power Available in both AC and DC variants 220/110 V AC or  -48V DC
Size IU
Storage and processing Up to 1GB hard disk, inbuilt Linux, can be used in standalone configuration
Support to Circuit switching Available
Support to hardware based packet switching Available
ROHS Compliant
Software Specifications
Protocol Stack ISUP/SS7, SCCP/SS7, PRI
IP stack RTP, RTCP, SIP (future)
OS dependency Linux/Windows/solaris
Applications Voice and data Applications, media gateway, signaling gateway
Load handling 200,000 calls per hour per Unit
Vocoders GSM FR, ITU G.729, G.723, G.711
Middle ware Available
VAS applications VRS,CNAS,CRBT,PMS,BMS,VMS etc
Admin/ Maintenance Available through SNMP, webservers
ROHS Compliant

Solutions :
1. Areas of Application
Matrix ‘s VAS solutions are built to provide a positive customer calling experience with efficient management of inbound calls. Matrix's unique MST101 Hardware platform along with Application Server platform efficiently manages incoming calls to activate value added services for PSTN /IP networks

Application Areas
• VRS - Voice Response System
• CNAS - Call Notification and Alert system
• CRBT - Caller Ring Back Tones
• PMS - Predefined /Formatted SMS system
• BMS - Bulk Messaging System
• VMS - Voice Mail System

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