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The Project Management best practices at Matrix Semiconductors and Telecommunications Pvt. Ltd. solutions would be implemented to ensure that Projects requirements are well understood by our qualified mangers who would formulate proposals based on the Statement of Work and the usage of tools that would correspond to the design effort. Time lines for execution and inspection of the project would be drawn out and client interventional strategies at every level of project progression would be defined to gain acceptance and approval. Our cost effectiveness of the proposal will be detailed and the components of the investment outlay would be subject to the stages that the project would reach and to mutual acceptance.

If the project is based on Risk and reward then such projects will be scoped in advance and favorable timelines will be outlined. Certain Models of Project Management would also be based on collaborative usage of tools that may not exist with us but can be WAN able or can be used at client site. Favorable costing towards such practices will be also be outlined in advance and mutual acceptance would be gained. Any costs attributed to travel and stay either for clients or for any of the employees would be in the scope of the proposal and all billing would be on actuals represented by supplier invoices. All service level agreements would be entered into for the Projects and extreme confidentiality and Non-disclosure agreements would be enforced.


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