Matrix provides solutions around Telecom Network Services. The services include Network Deployment, Network Operations and Maintenance, and Professional services.

Matrix's Network Operations and Maintenance service portfolio enables Network Operators to focus on the core of their business in marketing, brand building and value creation. Matrix’s expert Engineers and field personnel undertake operations and maintenance of all network processes and elements for a wide range of technologies.

Service offerings:
1. Network Monitoring & Operations
Trouble shooting Management | Root Cause Analysis Support & Reporting | Upgrade/Capacity Management | Configuration Management | KPI Measurement | Backup management & Recovery support | Database Management | Remote Infrastructure Alarm monitoring and resolution | Onsite and remote Infrastructure monitoring | Field Scheduling & Dispatch Management | Network Field Maintenance | Preventive & Corrective Maintenance of Core Network Elements (MSC,BSC,BTS) Transmission Systems | Access Networks like Wimax, FTTH etc | Fiber Networks | Electrical Equipments & other Facilities
Support Services like
Hardware software upgrades | Technical Support And Process Management | Help Desk | Acceptance Testing | Type Approval Testing | Transition Management | SWAP Management | Transmission Network Audit for Network Backbone & Access level of Fiber/HDSL/ADSL/SAT COM/Microwave links

SLA based services
Fixed support costs for easier budgeting | Single Point of Contact for all Network Issues | 24 x 7 basis

2. Network Deployment services:
Matrix offers a comprehensive suite of Network Deployment services that supports every phase of the Deployment process. The offerings include Active as well as Passive Infrastructure Services for Wireline & Wireless Domain including GSM, CDMA, Microwave Transmission, Optical Transmission, WiMAX and Broadband Networks.

Service offerings:
Implementation of MPBN Nodes | Scope of the services | Project Management | Implementation of routers, Firewalls | Implementation of L3 Switches | Site Survey | Setting up Physical Layer | Installation of Power Conditioning Equipments (PCE): | Installation of Rack mounts | Physical verification of equipments as per BOQ | Power on Self Test | Acceptance tests

3. Professional Services Group:
Matrix’s Professional Services Group has on board, a pool of skilled resources from the various technologies and OEM platforms in the telecom domain. The services of these skilled resources are offered to the service providers as well as to OEMs on a monthly basis to meet with their mid-term & long-term requirement of skilled resources as well as to meet any peak load resource requirements. The skilled resources from the Professional Services Group render their valuable services across the entire telecom network lifecycle.

Service offerings:
Field Engineering Services for Rollouts & Operations and Maintenance | Core equipments of fixed and wireless networks | Access equipments of wireless and fixed networks | Equipments in Intelligent Network | Transmission equipments | Broadband equipments in fixed and wireless networks | Value Added Services | Transmission equipments | Network Security | Equipments level, retrofits and software upgrades | Project Management services | Logistics Support Services | Project Planning & Analysis Services | Site Engineering Services | Network Design Services | RF-Planning, Survey, Optimization and Benchmarking | Transmission – Planning, Survey and Design | Consulting and auditing for transmission network | NOC Management Services | NOC Management Services for (2G & 3G) wireless network | transmission network and fixed wire line network | ticket creation and management | Network monitoring services | Configuration management and network reconfiguration | Parenting and Re parenting | Maintenance of system database | OMCR and OMCS | Remotely driven software upgrades | Remote commissioning and integration services | Technical Helpdesk Services | Technical Helpdesk for wireless network (2G & 3G) | transmission network and fixed wire line network | 1st and 2nd line technical support for access equipments | 1st and 2nd line technical support for PS and CS core elements | 1st and 2nd line OSS support | Backend Support Services | Backend Support Services for wireless network (2G & 3G) transmission network and fixed wire line network Remote coordination for permits and clearance | Remote creation of engineering documents | Remote monitoring of project progress against milestones | Offshore services for database creation and data transcription | Equipment configuration and site wise pre-installation design and documentation
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